Unisa Extended First Semester 2022

ANNOUNCEMENT: Unisa Extended First Semester 2022

Unisa Extended First Semester 2022.The University of South Africa (Unisa) has extended first semester for 2022. This announcement comes after Unisa students struggled to access the myModules system which affected their assignment submissions.

The university published an announcement addressed to the students about the first semester extension. Unisa extended the first semester 2022 by one week.

Unisa Announcement on Semester 1 Extension

The announcement of Unisa’s website reads “Following the downtime experienced on myModules 2022 sites on 7-9 March and 14-16 March 2022, an additional week has been added to the semester 1 academic calendar to make up for the down time. Accordingly, to maintain semester 1 module assessment strategies, scheduled dates for semester 1 assignments need to be adjusted.”

Having said that, the university also stated that assignments due dates will be pushed forward by one week as listed below.

Unisa Semster 1 Adjustments

1.    File upload assignments:

  1. Assignments with due dates within 22 March – 3 June 2022 period will be moved forward by a week.
  2. Assignments with closing dates within 7 March-18 March 2022 period will be extended to the week of 22-28  March 2022.

2.    Quizzes/MCQ assignments:

  1. Quizzes/MCQ assignments’ due dates will similarly be extended after consultations with the module lecturers. Please be patient as we finalise consultations.

3.    Late registered students

  1. In some cases, particularly final year students, students were registered late. These students may not have had an opportunity to submit their assignments before their closing date. The Management Committee had resolved that colleges should make special arrangements to support the affected students to catch-up on the lost time. If students fall within this category, please may you contact your lecturer for opening up your assignments  

4.    CTA/Engineering students

  1. Please refer to announcements on your module sites for your test dates.

The University of South Africa also requested patience from students as they are working towards implementation of the new learning management system.

“As we work towards optimal implementation of the new learning management system, we kindly request for your patience.” Unisa statement ends.

Question time

Are you happy with the extension of semester 1? How has the down time of the Unisa system affected you?

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