Supersport Internship 2021

Location: Johannesburg

Performances assigned by Shared Services Senior Manager, Senior Producer, Senior Producer and Producer. This includes administrative tasks as well.

Accurate broadcast specification monitoring

Make sure the key is in the right place
Make sure the duration is correct depending on the natural breakage of the material.
Clear video and audio in and out points
Make sure the audio channel is correctly selected and recorded

State Sponsorship Requirements

Ensure that sponsorship requirements are verified prior to execution. Must match sponsorship seat.
Implement sponsorship requirements according to the sponsorship seat
Ensure that sponsorship requirements are logged each time they are executed.
We provide sponsors with accurate records with respect to the elements and ensure they are completed in accordance with SuperSport requirements (requires SOP) until the moment an accurate record occurs.

Music cue sheet

Please ensure that all music initiated on the SuperSport premises has a music cue sheet.
Fill out music cue sheets and organize them according to SuperSport requirements.

Run Spell Support

Collect running orders from producers and distribute them in a timely manner by copy or email
Enter execution order and check duration
Supports producers/directors in execution order. Notifications are provided as needed.
Continuous calculations to ensure that the program can be completed within the right time frame

File management

All relevant documents and copies are easily accessible from the file.
The correct naming convention was used for the saved resource.
The correct format was used to save the project.

Communication / Information / Contact

Proper communication and adherence to studio etiquette (SOP required)
We provide you with exactly the information you need because we maintain a positive relationship with the parties involved. ICR, Studio, Gallery, MCR, SCCR and OB

Compiled material and research

Perform digital image segmentation using correct naming conventions
Clip highlights – according to the needs of sports and producers
Depending on the sport and producer requirements, appropriate information must be found and communicated.


Equivalent NQF Level 4 qualification, diploma or degree
Sports Management Degree or Diploma
Graphic design
Journalism or Communication Degree or Diploma
Accounting degree
Marketing degree or diploma
Digital marketing
Information technology
Jae Won
Media Studies
Industrial psychology
All Broadcasting Experience – Benefits
Industrial psychology

At least one year of experience in management, production assistant or similar roles

Technical competency

Project coordination
Submission Methodology

Positive attitude
Behavioral competence

Problem solving
Result direction
Attention to detail
Time management
Planning and organization
Generating ideas

Deadline: June 13, 2021

How to apply
Apply Online for Supersport Graduate/Internship Program

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