SRD WhatsApp Line Open

SRD WhatsApp Line Open

SRD R350 Grant WhatsApp Line Open for Applications

The South African Social Security Agency opened the WhatsApp line for application or reapplication for the SRD R350 grant. If you have been struggling to apply via the SRD website, take advantage of the WhatsApp line and send your application to Sassa.

About SRD R350 Grant

SRD WhatsApp Line Open

The Sassa R350 Grant has been introduced in 2020 by the South African President to assist citizens affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic in South Africa. It is disbursed by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) on a monthly basis and can be collected in various ways.

How to Apply on SRD R350 Grant WhatsApp Line

The following are steps to follow in order to apply for R350 grant on WhatsApp:

Step one: Save this number on your phone, (+27) 082 046 8553

Step 2: Send the word “Sassa” via WhatsApp to the number you just saved. You will receive a welcome message with 4 options to choose from for your next reply.

Step 3: Reply with the word “SRD” on the message received.

Step 4: The next message will ask you if you are applying for yourself or for someone else. Reply with either 1 or 2 as per what is applicable to you.

Step 5: Reply the next message with your full names.

Step 6: Reply with your surname.

Step 7: Now, you will receive a message with a link where you have to click it and read the terms and conditions. After reading the terms and conditions, go back to WhatsApp and continue with the application. You have to reply with “Yes” to accept the terms and conditions.

Step 8: You will now be required to reply with your home address residential address or drop a pin location on your WhatsApp if you are at your home.

Step 9: Select whether you are a SA Citizen, Permanent resident or a Refugee by replying with an appropriate option applicable to you.

Step 10: You will get another message with a reference number, a onetime pin (OTP) and a link. Click that link within 2 hours and complete your application either on GovChat or the SRD website.

Those are the steps you need to follow in order to apply for R350 grant on WhatsApp.

Learn more on other application processes.

Other ways to apply for SRD R350 Grant

You may also send your application via the SRD website at

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