THIS WEEK: SRD R350 Grant payment

SRD R350 Grant to be Paid on Friday for this week

Payments for the SRD R350 grant for April has begin on the first of April 2022. But for this week, there is only one payment day. Below are the details why there is only one payment day for the SRD R350 grant this week.

Normal Social Grants Pay Dates

Today, Monday 04 April 2022 is the beginning of the April social grants payments. The older pension grants are being paid today. The next day will be the payments of the disability grants and the day after will be for all other grants including child support grant.

Sassa does not disburse the SRD R350 Grant during the days when they are disbursing other social grants, hence this week there is only one pay day for the SRD grant.

The SRD grant payments for this week will be paid on Friday, 08 April 2022. This will be for those with ID numbers ending with 082 and 087. But don’t just rush to the Post Office, wait for the SMS informing you for the day to collect your grant to avoid disappointments.

What about other April Pay Dates?

Below is a list of SRD pay dates for the rest of April.

April SRD Payment Dates

The following are the upcoming Sassa SRD Payment Dates for April 2022:

THIS WEEK: SRD R350 Grant payment

April 8 : 082 & 087

On this week, only one day which is the 8th of April will be used for the SRD grants disbursement as the agency will be disbursing other social grants for the month of April.

April 11: 083 & 088

April 12: 084 & 089 

April 13: 080 & 085 

April 14: 081 & 086

More dates for the month of April 2022 continues.

April 19: 082 & 087 

April 20: 083 & 088 

April 21: 084 & 089 

April 22: 080 & 085

The following are the last week of April payment dates for the Social Relief of Distress Grant.

April 25: 081 & 086 

April 26: 082 & 087

April 28: 083 & 088 

April 29: 084 & 089

This is a confirmation from Sassa about April SAPO payment

Summing it up

This post covered the reasons why there is only one pay day for the R350 grant for this week. Also a list of SRD pay dates for the rest of April 2022.

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