SRD Grant Payment Methods to Consider

SRD Grant Payment Methods to Consider

Sassa has recently advices the beneficiaries to consider alternative ways to receive their funds. These include those who used to receive SRD grants from the Post Office as they have stopped paying out the R350 grants.

Extension of the grant

Sassa, after the extension of the grant for another one year, have introduced more retailers as the collection points for the grant. Retailers such as Shoprite, USave, OK Foods are some of the newly added retailers to issue out the SRD Grant payments.

Local outlets proposal

Social Development Minister, Lindiwe Zulu said that they are looking forward to introducing local outlets for cashing out the SRD grants.

SRD Grant Payment Methods to Consider

Where to collect SRD R350 grant?

The following are some of the SRD Grant Payment Methods you can use to collect your R350 grant.

Pick n Pay Retailers

You can collect your R350 grant at Pick n Pay retailers across the country.

Boxer Superstores

You can collect your R350 grant at Boxer Superstores across the country.


You may also collect your R350 grant at Shoprite.

How to collect R350 grant at Shoprite?

You only need to present your ID and cellphone. The cellphone number shall be the one on the Sassa SRD system in order to cash out your money at Shoprite.

USave Supermarkets

U Save is one of the retailers where you can collect your R350 grant.

OK Foods

OK Foods is another retailer where you can collect your SRD Grant. But only selected OK Foods outlets will be offering the cashout services for the SRD grant.

Directly to Bank Account

You may also get your grant money directly into your bank account. Sassa has recently encouraged those receiving their monies via post office and cash send to submit their banking details to Sassa so that they can get payments through the bank.

Question time

Are you happy with the introduction of Shoprite and Checkers as R350 collection points?

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