Sassa R350 Status

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Have you applied for SASSA’s SRD grant and received a “referred status? Well, no need to worry below you will find out what to do about your “referred” status.

To ensure that all SASSA beneficiaries are deserving of their grants, the agency verifies the applicants.

The verification process includes a Fraud Risk Scoring process, which includes running the applicant’s ID number and cellphone number through their system. 

If the system shows that the applicant’s ID number was used in fraudulent activities or linked to high-risk activities, the applicant will receive a “referred” status.

Check your R350 Grant Status

This system is set in place to protect SASSA from any fraudulent activities. 

If the system identifies the applicant as having fraudulent activities then it means that they are registered as a perpetrator of fraud with the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS).

If the applicant is not involved in fraudulent behaviour, then they should clear the issue with SAFPS immediately.

Applicants who receive a “referred” status are encouraged to email and provide proof that they have cleared the problem.

Check your R350 Grant Status

How to check Sassa R350 Grant Status
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