Social grant increases 2022

Sassa Social Grants Increases for 2022

Sassa Social Grants Increases for 2022

It is official that social grants will increase in April 2022, but how much are the increases?. If you are asking yourself this question, ask no more because you will find all details on this blog post.

After the president of the country has made his State of The Nation Address, the Minister of Finance also gave the financial plans for the 2022 to 2023 financial year in a form of a budget speech.

The finance minister’ speech included among other issues, social grants increases. The minister gave a detailed plan to increase the social grants from April 2022.

Here are the Sassa social grants increases for 2022

Sassa Old Age Grant Increase 2022

The pension increase 2022 and war veteran grants increase 2022

The old age grant for pensioners below the age of 75 will increase as indicated below.

Old Age grant will increase from R1 890 to R1 985, a 5% increase.

Pension increase 2022 for pensioners above the age 0f 75

Old Age grant for adults above 75 years and War Veterans grant will increase from R1 910 to R2 005 which is a 5% increase.

Care dependency grant increase 2022

Care Dependency grant will increase from R1 890 to R1 985 which is a 5% increase.

Foster care grant

Foster Care grant will increase from R1 050 to R1 070 which is a 1.9% increase.

Child Support Grant

How much is Sassa child grant 2022?

Currently, child grant is R460, below is an increase plan from the 2022 budget speech.

The Child Grant will increase to from R460 to R480 which is a 4.3% increase.

When are these increases starting?

These increases are effective from April 2022. See Sassa poster and tweet below.

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