Sassa R350 SRD Grant Payment Dates for November

Sassa R350 SRD Grant Payment Dates for November

The SASSA Special R350 Covid-19 Social Relief Distress (SRD) grant payment dates for November 2021 have been released. These payment dates are for the beneficiaries of the R350 grant who receive their grant payments through the Post Office. The schedule works with the last three digits of your ID number.

Sassa R350 Srd grant payment dates for November are: 

  • Mondays : 084 & 089
  • Tuesdays : 080 & 085
  • Wednesdays : 081 & 086
  • Thursdays : 082 & 087
  • Fridays : 083 & 088

You are urged to wait for an SMS to tell you that your grant is ready to be collected or else you’ll be heading to the Post Office for nothing, with no grant ready for you to collect. After receiving the SMS you should then check which day your ID number falls under before visiting the Post Office to collect your grant payment. 

If you have not received an SMS that means that there’s no grant ready to collect. 

SASSA has said that you do not need to fetch your grant on the first day and that the money will always be there for you to collect.

The Special R350 Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is aimed at providing financial assistance to unemployed South Africans who were left jobless due to the Covid-19 pandemic

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