Sassa R350 Grant First Payment Date Announced

Sassa R350 Grant First Payment Date Announced: SASSA has now revealed when R350 grant beneficiaries from the previous and the new cycle of the grant can expect payments. The agency has also given further payment details.

SASSA has been flooded with questions of when they can expect SASSA grant payments and have finally provided some answers. 

How to Check R350 Grant Status

Once you’ve submitted your application for the reinstatement of the Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant and you’ve been approved, SASSA has said that payments will begin in the last week of August. The agency specifically said that payments will be made from the 23 August.

SASSA then continued to say:

They have continuously said that there is no set payment date for the grant and that they aim to pay beneficiaries soon after they have been approved.

Payments will be made from August until March 2022, using the payment method you chose when applying.

For faster payments to occur, SASSA is urging applicants to provide banking details upfront if they have a bank account.

If you do not have a bank account, you will then be able to fetch your grant money from a Post Office or a Bank Mobile Money Transfers (cash send).

As for the uncollected R350 grants from the previous cycle, SASSA has been urging those beneficiaries to claim their funds and to do this before 31 August.

Should you not claim your outstanding R350 grant by 31 August, it would then be forfeited. Payments for the old SRD grant will however not stop on 31 August and might still take place after this date.

How to Apply or Reapply for R350 Grant from August 2021

When answering questions on how these grants can be claimed, SASSA replied saying:

This means that if you opted for the post office, you should head to your nearest post office to claim the funds. 

Beneficiaries can call SASSA on 0800 601 011 or 012 400 2000 to verify if they have any outstanding balances that need to be collected. 

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How to Check R350 Grant Status

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