Sassa Confirms August Grants Payment Dates

Sassa Confirms August Grants Payment Dates

The South African Social Security Agency has just confirmed the dates of which the August social grants are going to be paid. The confirmation shows that the payments will start on the 02 August and conclude on 04 August.

Sassa Confirms August Grants Payment Dates

Sassa has recent;y reminded beneficiaries that they do not have to withdraw all the monies on one go if they don’t need it all. The money can be withdrawn on any day of the month.

They also said that the Sassa card may be used to buy at retailers as it is a debit card.

Social assistant by Social Development

The Department of Social Development (DSD) provides social protection services and leads government’s efforts to forge partnerships through which vulnerable individuals, groups and communities become capable and active participants in the development of themselves and society.

Older people assistance

According Statistics South Africa’s Mid-year population estimates of 2021, about 9,2% (5,51 million) of the population is 60 years or older. South Africa’s Older Persons Act of 2006, which came into operation in 2010, recognises the importance of older persons in the country’s democracy and development.

August Grants Payment Dates

The social grants for the month of August will be paid as follows:

Older pensioner’s grant will be paid on the 2nd of August.

The Disability grant will be paid of the 3rd of August

The other grants including Child Support Grant will be paid on the 4th of August.

Here is a poster from the South African Social Security Agency posted of their social media platforms on 29 July 2022.

SRD Grant Updates

Sassa said that the high rate of unemployment amongst the youth is a great cause for concern and the agency remains committed to playing its part in fighting the scourge of unemployment. Furthermore the agency has made progress with regards to payments for this special grant, approximately 5 298 817 applications were approved, as at 19 July 2022, and 4 088 873 of those have received payment. Read full statement here.


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