SASSA: Collect Your R350 Grant After Receiving SMS

SASSA urged R350 subsidy recipients to only collect subsidy payments at selected stores after receiving an SMS from SASSA.

The Social Security Agency of South Africa (SASSA) has introduced the Covid-19 R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) special allowances to financially help people who were unemployed and could not take care of the needs of themselves and their families due to Covid- 19 pandemic.

Check your R350 grant status

After applying and being approved for the R350 grant, beneficiaries will receive grant payments through their bank account, post office, Post Bank / CashSend services or Pick n Pay or Boxer stores.

Send Email to Sassa if your status says “reffered”

SASSA urged R350 subsidy recipients who collect subsidy payment at Pick n Pay or Boxer stores to only receive their payments at these stores after receiving an SMS confirmation that the subsidy is available.

Beneficiaries are also required to bring their identity card and cell phone number when receiving their payments at these stores.

Ways to Apply for R350 Grant

Applications for the second round of the R350 SRD concession are still open and will close in March 2022.

Each month SASSA will check that those who have been approved for the R350 grant are receiving any other form of income above R595. This is SASSA’s way of checking if you are still eligible for the grant or if your circumstances have changed and you are now receiving funds from elsewhere.

However, beneficiaries do not need to submit an SRD grant application every month.

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