R350 Grant Payment Dates for First Week of March 2022

R350 Grant Payment Dates for First Week of March 2022

The payment dates for the R350 Grant for First week of March 2022 have been published. Have you been approved for SRD R350 Grant? If yes, check the payment dates for week one of March 2022. That is from 01 March to 04 March 2022.

Where to collect your R350 grant in 2022?

You may collect your R350 grant at several places or receive it via the bank. The following are authorised places where you can collect your R350 grant.

Pick N Pay

You may collect your R350 grant at Pick N Pay retailers across the country.

Boxer Superstores

If you prefer collecting your money at Boxer Superstores, you may do so as it is one of the outlets in agreement with Sassa where you can collect you SRD grant.

The South African Post Office

Post Office is another place where you can collect your SRD payments. Post Offices are easily accessible as they may be available in our local areas.

Receive directly into your bank account

You can receive your SRD payment directly into your bank account. All you need to do is to send your banking details to Sassa. The South African Social Security Agency, after verification of the details, they will pay your money in your bank account. Sassa does not pay these monies to an account number that does not belong to the grant beneficiary. So, make sure you submit your banking details, not someone else’s account numbers.

R350 Grant Payment Dates for first week of March

R350 grant Payment dates for Week one of March 2022 (01 to 04 March 2022)

March 1: 083 & 088

March 2: 084 & 089

You may view Sassa SRD Payment Dates for the whole month of March 2022 here.

R350 Grant Payment Dates for March 2022

Question time

Where or how are you receiving your R350 grant? Is it via Post Office, Boxe, Pick N Pay or Bank Account?


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