How to Become a Nurse in South Africa

How to Become a Nurse in South Africa

Learn How to become a Nurse in South Africa here. If you have a dream of becoming a Nurse in the Republic of South Africa, these are some of the details to look for.

General Subjects to be Studied for Nursing Degrees

General theoretical subjects that are studied:

  • Nursing history and ethics
  • Basic nursing
  • Elementary nutrition
  • First aid
  • Elementary anatomy and physiology
  • Introduction to comprehensive healthcare
  • General nursing
  • Nursing of elderly
  • Nursing of mentally disable people
  • Community nursing
  • Psychiatric nursing

Where to Study Nursing in South Africa

You may study nursing either at a accredited private or public nursing college of your choice. You also have an option to study nursing at a university. Some of the universities offering nursing programme includes: Unisa, UJ, Wits, Stellenbosch (only post-graduate), UP, UWC, NWU, UKZN to mention a few.

How do I then Become a Nurse

For you to become a nurse, you have to complete apply for admission with an institution of your choice. Choose the type of nursing qualification of your desire. Enrol for the relevant modules. Do practical as required by relevant modules. On completion of the course you will be granted your papers showing that you have completed the programme. Also note that you have to register with the South African Nursing Council before commencing your practical and the actual work or practising as a nurse.

If you are in the Western Cape, you may also check here to become a nurse in that province.

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