How Much Child Grant 2022

How Much Child Grant 2022

If you have been wondering how much is Sassa Child Grant 2022, wonder no more. After reading this you will be able to understand how much is Sassa Child Grant.

Social Assistant Act Amendment

Sassa has recently amended the Social Assistant Act which enables orphans and vulnerable children to benefit more as they previously did. The benefits come as a top up for the Child Support Grant.

According to the statement issued by the South African Social Security Agency, The Social Assistance Amendment Act specifically seeks amongst others to make provision for additional payments linked to social grants which includes, the implementation of the extended Child Support Grant (CSG) policy for orphans in the care of relatives (CSG Top-Up).

How Much Child Grant 2022

How much is Child Support Grant 2022?

Currently, the Child Support Grant is R480 per eligible child; however R240 will be added for orphans and vulnerable children who qualify.

How much is added for the Orphans and Vulnerable children?

This policy intervention empowers the Minister of Social Development, in concurrence with the Minister of Finance, to make provision for a top up of 50% more on the child support grant for orphans in the care of relatives who are eligible for the CSG. These children will receive their basic CSG which is currently R480 plus an additional amount of R240 (50% of the basic CSG), bringing the total amount to R720.

This is not a new grant but rather builds on the existing Child Support Grant system in a form of a “top-up” amount.

The Child Support Grant is one of government’s most successful social protection interventions for children living in poverty. The CSG Top-Up will expand on this successful programme with a focus on the most vulnerable children – orphans living with adult relatives and orphans living on their own in child-headed households, who will now be able to access the benefit for themselves. This policy expands child care and protection for these vulnerable groups of children.

How to Top-up Child Grant?

In order to receive this benefit, applicants will be required to prove that a child is an orphan by providing:

“(a) certified copies of the death certificates of the child’s parent/s; or

How to Apply for Top-up?

Caregivers who are eligible can now apply for the CSG Top Up at any of SASSA local offices and online as of 01 June 2022.

Applicants will also be able to track the status of their applications using the online portal. Notifications of the outcome of their online application will be sent by SMS or email.

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