Gauteng Dept of Economic Development Internship Programme 2022

Location: Johannesburg

The Gauteng Department of Economic Development invites graduates to apply for internship for a period of 24 months in the following fields.


  • 1 Degree or Diploma in Public Administration 

MONITORING AND EVALUATION 1 Bachelor of Business Administration 


Manufacturing and Primary Resources 

  • 1 National Diploma/Degree in Economics 
  • 1 National Diploma/Degree in Economics
  • Degree (B.Eng) Engineering 
  • Degree (BSc) in Life Sciences 
  • BSC in Agricultural Economics 
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Economics 
  • Any Design qualification 
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Economics/ Bachelor of Arts 
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Economics Bachelorof Science (BSc) in Construction Studies 

Tertiary Services (Financial Services)

  • 1 Economics and/or Financial Sciences Developmental Finance 
  • 1 Economics and/or Transport and Logistics Business Management 

Tertiary Services (ICT & GBS)

  • 4 Bachelor of Business Science Commerce Economics/Finance and Investment 

Politics and Economics 

Green Economy 

2 Bachelor of Science: Chemistry, Environmental Agriculture, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology. Water and Engineering 


Office of the CFO

  • 1 National Diploma in Office Management Administration

Financial Budget Management

  • 3 National Diploma / Bachelor’s Degree in management accounting

Financial Management 

  • 3 B. Com Accounting/ Diploma in Accounting

Supply Chain Management

  • 6 National Diploma/ B. Degree in Transport Management/ Fleet Management 
  • National Diploma/Degree in Supply Chain Management Procurement Asset Management


Shared Auxiliary Services

  • 3 National Diploma/ B Degree in Environmental Health/ Safety Management
  • National Diploma/ B Degree in Building and Facilities Management/ Built Environment 
  • Advanced Certificate in Facilities Maintenance Management/ N6 Building and Civil Engineering (Building Maintenance)


  • National Diploma/Degree in Communications Public Relations/Journalism /Corporate Communication Media Studies
  • 1 B. Degree or National Diploma in Communications/ Public Relations/ Events Management
  • B. Degree or National Diploma in Graphic Design 
  • B. Degree or National Diploma in Marketing/Advertising/Creative Design

Risk Management

  • National Diploma in Auditing/ Risk Management Financial Management


  • National Diploma or Degree Information Technology, Computer Science (Business Administration, A., 5..C.CCNA)

Human Capital Management

HRM – National Diploma or Degree in:

  •  • Human Resource Management Industrial Psychology Training and Development • Labour Relations/ Employee Relations • Sports Science or Exercise • Diploma or Higher Certificate in Records Management and Archives 

HRM – Advanced certificate/N6 IN Human Resource Management 

HRM – Advanced certificate/N6 in the following:

  •  • Social Auxiliary Work • Community Work training siis. • Auxiliary nurse • Health care practitioner The 5 will be placed at various GDED regional offices: HB 56 Eloff Street, Sedibeng Tshwane, Ekurhuleni and West Rand office

OD – Dip/Degree in the following:

  • • Work-study/Management Services • Productivity Management • Operations Management Organisation and Industrial Psychology


Corporate Governance

B. Degree Public Administration and Governance

Consumer Affairs Consumer Education

B. Degree or Higher Diploma in Education Communications

Consumer Affairs Complaints Investigation

Legum Baccalaureus (LLB)

IGR: Strategic Partnerships, Special Projects and International Relations

Bachelor or Post-graduate Degree in Social Science/ Political Science/ International Relations/ Economics/Research

GLB: Client Relations Management

  • National Diploma or B. Degree in Public Administration 
  • National Diploma or B. Degree in Archiving/ Library and Information Services/ 
  • National Diploma or B. Degree in Information Management 
  • National Diploma or B. Degree in Public Administration Office Administration 
  • Legum Baccalaureus (LLB) 
  • National Diploma or B. Degree in Public Administration 
  • National Diploma or B. Degree in Public Administration

GLB: Registration and Licensing

  • National Diploma or B. Degree in Public Administration

GLB: Secretariat1

National Diploma/ B. Degree in Public Relations/Communications

GLB: Chief Director’s Office

National Diploma or B. Degree in Public Administration Office Administration

Closing date: 28 June 2021

How to Apply

Applicants can hand deliver their CV along with a completed Z83 and certified documentation at Umnotho House, 56 Elloff Street, Johannesburg

For enquires contact Ms Sharon Plane Mr Mikhululi Ngkukumeshaon 011 355 8047/8777

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