Appeal within 90 Days

Appeal within 90 Days

SRD R350 Declined? | Appeal within 90 Days. You are reading this because your SRD R350 Grant has been declined and you are wondering what to do now. Don’t worry; there is an appeal process for declined applications.

Appeal within 90 Days

The SRD R350 Grant is a Social Relief of Distress Grants for those affected by the lockdown regulations in South Africa. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people stranded during the lockdown restrictions. These restrictions resulted in many people losing their jobs or means of income.

The South African Government then decided to get on board to assist the affected parties in the form of Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD).

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This grant is currently being received by roughly 10 million people in South Africa. But some have been declined for the grant. Luckily, there is an appeal process one can use to get the decision reversed.

If you are declined for the R350 grant, you have up to 90 days to lodge an appeal. You must appeal for each month that your application was rejected. Applications for appeal will be reviewed by an independent tribunal.

Here are steps to Lodge SRD Grant Appeal

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the green bar that says ‘click here to lodge an appeal or check appeal status
  3. Enter your ID number
  4. Enter your cellphone number
  5. Click ‘send pin’ and wait for the SMS which will contain the verification pin
  6. Enter the pin and click ‘submit’
  7. Select the month you are submitting an appeal for
  8. Select the drop down arrow and choose the reason for your appeal 
  9. Click ‘submit’

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Question time

How many times have you been rejected for SRD grant applications? Was it for the same reasons or reasons changes? Let us know on the comment section below, we will publish your thoughts after review.


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